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Customized Gift Wrap

Dress up a special gift with one-of-a-kind wrappings you create yourself.

What You'll Need:

  • Scanner or digital camera
  • A collection of photos or other beautiful objects
  • Clear tape
  • Bow or ribbons

15 min
time to complete
Skill Level 1
skill level

How to Make it:

Choose a theme
Find a cool motif that matches the gift, fits the recipient or has sentimental value.
You can use silk flowers for a garden-theme present, dog photos and biscuits for a canine lover, and old love letters for an anniversary gift for your sweetheart.

Create your design
Arrange your items carefully on the scan bed of a scanner or on a flat surface. Then, scan or take a picture of your setup.

Size it right
An 8 X 10 print will cover many smaller gifts, but you’ll need to print multiple copies of your wrap to cover a larger present.

Wrap it up

Place the wrap on the gift, then add a bow and ribbons, or other decorations, to complete the look.

Variation: Use this decorative paper to cover a book, line a drawer or adorn a wall as a framed print.