KODAK Digital Images Offering

First, A Little Background...

Eastman Kodak Company is not typically an image provider. Our mission is to "...provide our customers and consumers with solutions to capture, store, process, output, and communicate their images to people and machines anywhere, anytime..." (From Kodak's Mission Statement)

The images included here were all taken by amateur photographers-- Kodak employees who have donated their photographs for this project. Kodak, and the individual photographers, offer these sample images for your non-commercial use for the following reasons:

We hope you'll find images here that will provide you with personal enjoyment and inspiration. We invite you to download, manipulate, reproduce, and share any or all of the images. But before you do, please review our copyright information concerning the use of our sample digital images.

Accessing the Images

Each image index listed below represents a group of 12 images to select from.

  1. Birds of a Feather
  2. A Closer Look
  3. City Places
  4. Existing Light
  5. Majestic Landscapes
  6. Man-Made Patterns
  7. Natural Patterns
  8. A Variety Selection