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Welcome to the Digital Learning Center (DLC). The DLC is a collection of information, tips and techniques on Digital Imaging. More about the DLC

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spacer Weekly Tip: Use that zoom!
To insure you have the best picture to print you should always get as close to the subject as possible. Cropping a digital photo takes away valuable image data important to printing. So zoom in and keep shooting!

Imaging Tips
Photographing birthdays

- Tips to help you take better Birthday pictures.

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How To Book spacer dotted line
The How To Book contains "recipes" or step-by-step directions showing how to do neat things with digital pictures.
Technology Book   dotted line
The Technology Book explains current technology as it relates to digital imaging.
Courses Book   dotted line
The Courses Book features a series of online digital training courses.
Reference Book   dotted line
The Reference Book contains tools to help you build upon your understanding of digital imaging.
DLC Plus Book   dotted line
The DLC Plus Book contains various family, school, and professional activities and projects, as well as courses, and teacher / leadership information.