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The KODAK Digital Learning Center (DLC) is your digital reference solution. The DLC was developed to educate people about the digital world and to help them succeed with digital imaging. The site was built on the basics of educational instruction and has been utilized by thousands of people to Take Pictures. Further.

The creation of the DLC was the result of the dream of one extrodinary man.

[Gus Radzyminski] Walter "Gus" Radzyminski
October 8, 1951 - March 4, 1999

A scholar who lived to teach others so that others could stand on their own.

Gus Radzyminski is the person primarily responsible for the KODAK Digital Learning Center. In 1996 it was Gus who challenged his team to create a common place where individuals could visit and gather information about digital imaging. From that challenge the DLC was born. The site now enjoys a worldwide reputation as a highly informative and educational virtual classroom, and has evolved as a gathering place for individuals of all levels of expertise.

In late 1998 Gus had another idea, the DLC Plus; a place where individuals with common digital needs and backgrounds could go and learn about what others in related fields were doing with digital photography. The DLC Plus demonstrates real applications and helps others recognize new ways to use digital imaging in their daily lives. It is based on Gus' simple philosophy: lead by example. The DLC Plus came to life in April of 1999.

Gus passed away suddenly on March 4th, 1999. Like many great institutions of learning, a key benefactor is at the heart of it all. Gus' many friends at Kodak and the countless users of the DLC have been the beneficiaries of his vision and commitment, and it is to his memory that we dedicate the KODAK Digital Learning Center.

The digital world is growing fast but, thanks to Gus, Kodak has a strong foundation from which we can distribute information quickly and effectively to users everywhere. Gus is greatly missed, but he has left an indelible mark for Kodak-a sitelet named the Kodak Digital Learning Center.

Enjoy the site that we dedicate to this great man.

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