Customers - Eastman Kodak Company is a steadfast commitment helping our customers use and dispose of our products safely and responsibly. Together with designing our equipment and products to meet local and international regulatory standards, we provide customers with a wealth of published information and services focused on health, safety, and the environment.

Suppliers - Eastman Kodak Company serves a wide range of customer needs throughout the world. Consistent with our Global Performance Expectation on Worldwide Health, Safety, and Environmental Responsibility, we endeavor to provide products that protect the health of the customer, that are safe, and that minimize environmental burdens. We cannot effectively meet customer needs nor our global performance expectations unless we engage our suppliers in providing environmental responsible products through effective environmental management.

Contractors - Excellence in health, safety, and environmental performance is an objective of all operations at Eastman Kodak Company. This includes operations in which a Contractor is performing work on a specific project or is providing a service for Kodak. Kodak's corporate HSE performance standards clearly state that the HSE performance demonstrated by Contractors is part of the selection criteria in Kodak's awarding of initial and future contracts.

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