Equipment & Quality


We're ready to handle your material. Spent solvents are recycled to near virgin specifications. In order to provide a full range of solvent recovery options, our state-of-the art facilities employ equipment such as:

  • Railcar and tank wagon loading/unloading capability
  • Hazardous waste storage tanks for receipt of non-Kodak material
  • Steam-strippers for solids/non-volatile separation
  • Liquid-liquid extractors
  • Batch and continuous distillation towers
  • Double-walled storage tanks (5,000 gallons – 35,000 gallons)
  • MACT-compliant pollution control device (95-99% control)
  • Distributed control system
  • Secondary containment to 35,000 gallon catch tanks for all equipment
  • Industrial sewer and industrial waste water treatment
  • RCRA compliant waste handling


With ISO 9001-2008 site certification, you'll get the reliability and quality you're looking for. Let Kodak put our experience to work for you.