Supporting Services

Whether you are doing development al or manufacturing coating events, we can provide many additional services before, during, and after your coating trial. The use of these services can help you maximize the value of each event, and provide coated materials ready for whatever the next step is in your process.


With wide roll slitting capability, we can convert webs of up to 48" width and 48" diameter into the rolls sizes that are required for the coating machine of your choice. Once coated, your films can be converted into sheets or spools for product testing or commercial sale. Sheeted material is slit to width, chopped to length, and boxed for shipment. Have spooled material slit to widths as thin as 0.5" and spooled to your custom length on whatever core you specify. Our equipment also allows composite films to be stripped and wound onto separate cores.

Solution Preparation

You can provide your coating solutions to us pre-made or as component chemicals that are to be mixed or blended. Pre-made solutions or slurries can be re-dispersed using low or high shear mixing and heated, if required, to a specified temperature from 10 to 90°C. Component chemicals can be converted into solutions or slurries using water or organic solvents as the dilutant. Our equipment can handle viscosities in excess of 10,000 cps, and at batch sizes from 1 liter up to hundreds of liters. A variety of mixing capabilities are available to best meet the requirements of your materials, and all solution-making can be done at controlled pressures and temperatures (10 to 90°C).

Analytical Testing

We'll test your solutions on-site for viscosity, surface tension, and % solids. These tests enable us to select the coating process conditions that will provide you with the best possible coating quality and uniformity.

We can test your coated film on-site in real time for the following properties:

  1. Thickness/coat weight
  2. Transmittance/haze
  3. Opacity
  4. Porosity
  5. Conductivity
  6. Surface roughness
  7. Print quality

Use results from these tests to make in-day adjustments to your experimental plan or process conditions that will maximize the value and quality of the films you create. Additionally, we can coordinate efforts to have your films or solutions tested following the conclusion of your experiment using a wide range of sophisticated analytical techniques using Kodak's Analytical testing lab. The available tests are outlined in the link located on the home page of this Web site.