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Kodak receives “Outstanding Corporate Volunteer Group” award

Kodak recently earned recognition as an “Outstanding Corporate Volunteer Group” at the annual Greater Rochester Awards.

The annual award ceremony, presented by the Rochester Business Journal and the United Way of Greater Rochester, honors individuals and organizations for their charitable contributions in the community. Awards in the “Outstanding Corporate Volunteer Group” category are given to a group of coworkers or affinity group members who have worked together in the last year to make a difference in the local community through their collective volunteerism.

Kodak earned its award by putting an idea from Brad Kruchten, Print Systems Division (PSD) President, into action, exemplifying PSD’s “Print. For Good” initiative in a practical and meaningful way.

During the company’s 2016 United Way campaign, 3,000 copies of a children’s book were printed (using Kodak technology at local printer Mercury Print), donated, and distributed to children in local United Way-sponsored school programs. Kodak volunteers distributed the books to the local schools and read books to the children in May.

Terry Taber, Kodak Chief Technical Officer and chair of the company’s 2016 United Way campaign, accepted the award on Kodak’s behalf. “It truly is an honor to receive this recognition,” said Taber. “PSD’s ‘Print. For Good’ initiative was the driving force behind our book donation to deserving children in the Greater Rochester area. Kodaker's have always been involved in making our community a better place. I’m thankful that we’ve been able to continue giving back through initiatives like these.”

Kodak receives Outstanding Corporate Volunteer Group award

Pat Stack, Bernadette Lodico, Brad Kruchten, Kelly Mandarano, Matt Ebersold

Kodak receives Outstanding Corporate Volunteer Group award

Mary Pat Lally, Barb Galante, Mary Anne Detmer, Terry Taber, Terry Bliss