Kodak x Pop&Suki

From the magic of film to the timeless allure of retro style, our latest collaboration is set to turn heads this spring.

In the grey light of dawn, they dance. Arms stretched high. Eyes wide. The neon night fades as they laugh, memories flickering in the salt breeze.

Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse’s new short film has a finale that will send shivers down your spine. As the music builds, the noir-esque intrigue peels away to leave a moment of clarity – “ultimately we are all on our own”, but a friend will make the burden easier to bear.


The film, made in collaboration with Kodak to launch the new KODAK EKTRA Smartphone alongside Pop & Suki’s Spring collection, showcases the notion of powerful female relationships; something these two women know all about. As best friends, creative souls and vibrant entrepreneurial spirits, both Poppy and Suki have firsthand experience of where true friendship can take you. As stars in the ascendance individually, (Poppy as a television presenter and now a driven social entrepreneur with her upcoming project Happy Not Perfect, and Suki as a model, actress, singer and photographer), when they’re together they’re unstoppable – whether it’s curating their own photography exhibitions, creating films or designing one-of-a-kind candy floss sweet accessories that every girl wants to get her hands on.



Encouraging creative vision is a mentality that chimes with Kodak too, making the collaboration with Pop & Suki a natural fit. It was also the starting point for the film, exploring the meaning of friendship, reflection and life well lived through a creative lens.

Shot on 35mm, 16mm and the new KODAK Super 8 Camera with behind the scenes footage shot on the EKTRA Smartphone, the look of the film is evocative, brooding and mysterious.



Retro but timeless, it’s an aesthetic that informs all of Pop & Suki’s creative endeavors and most certainly makes itself known in their brand’s Spring/Summer collection, which includes a limited edition KODAK EKTRA case in their signature pink colorway. Complete with a cross body strap, gold hardware and clip-on tassel, the Pop & Suki pink leather KODAK EKTRA case is being produced in an exclusive 500 unit run, available only through the Pop & Suki site and Kodak channels.