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Extended Warranty Offer for Kodak EasyShare Digital Cameras

Protect your investment for just pennies a day!
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Kodak EasyShare digital cameras are built to give you years of reliable performance. But no equipment is infallible! Whether you bought your EasyShare Digital Camera for business or personal use, you can protect your investment and budget for just pennies a day with one of the following service and support options:

  • Extended Warranty -The "don't worry" plan
    You'll be enjoying your EasyShare Digital Camera for years to come. Extend the 1-year mail-in warranty to give yourself 3-full years of worry-free operation.
  • Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) - The "I need it now!" plan
    Can't wait for your camera to be repaired? How's next-business-day sound? We'll replace your camera with the same model the next business day after you call us.

Simply indicate the Kodak digital camera you own, along with the camera serial number, then click the "Review Service Plan Options" button, where you can review and purchase an extended warranty option for your camera model. All service plans begin at time of camera purchase.

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