Breakthrough conductivity

KODAK Copper Metal Mesh Touch Sensors deliver exceptional conductivity with excellent optical performance manufactured in a fully additive roll-to-roll process.

Using proprietary patterning and blackening techniques, our touch sensors are neutral black in color resulting in a technology that scales across a range of display sizes.


Simplified manufacturing

Until now, advancements in touch sensor manufacturing have been constricted by limitations inherent to using indium tin oxide (ITO) as the conductive coating.

Kodak's fully additive manufacturing approach employs copper metal mesh grids instead of ITO to dramatically streamline the manufacturing process.


Thinner, lighter, flexible sensors

With metal mesh grids patterned on both top and bottom of a single flexible substrate, our touch sensors are thinner and lighter than ITO sensors.

They are ideal for use in medium to large format displays and provide new opportunities in the emerging market for flexible displays.


Leveraging a century of imaging expertise

Kodak has over a century of experience in high-quality deposition methods, imaging processes, and efficient roll-to-roll manufacturing competencies.

This expertise is used to design proprietary mesh patterns employed from unique design rules to eliminate moiré and provide high optical transmittance.


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