Church Envelopes

Include relevant regional and congregational content to weekly envelopes to increase participation.

Here are proven examples:

  • Add reminders for special church events such as fellowship lunches and fundraisers.
  • Include congregational statistics related to how church offerings are dispersed worldwide
  • Feature bible verses that correspond to weekly sermons


Direct Mail

Increase ROMI and protect your investment by adding digital hybrid printing capabilities to your web offset press.

The following are examples of variable direct mail applications:

  • Introduce insurance agents by adding photos, names and office locations to life insurance direct mail solicitation letters based on addressee zip code
  • Integrate variable coupons, maps, and specific vehicle information and imagery with  dealership post sale solicitation letters
  • Add store location, demographic coupons and offers to new store location notification letters
  • Include accumulated points, seasonal and cross sell offers in Travel Loyalty Club newsletter


Forms Serialization

Add high quality barcodes and numbering to your preprinted forms.

Examples of high quality forms serialization:

  • Variable tracking codes on shipping forms
  • 2-D barcodes on government tax certificates
  • Barcodes on validation retail receip


Variable Newspaper Advertising

Increase advertising revenue with the ability to offer new variable and micro-zoned ads.

  • Chain store puts map for each of the 10 different locations in each zip code
  • Run a contest with trackable barcode coupon to bring customers to a store location



Imprint barcoding, localization, bi-lingual versioning and special offers and couponing to your packaging.

New trends:

  • Cross promotional imaging to promote local sports teams
  • Language versioning for international communities
  • Vary ingredient and nutritional information


Scratch-Off Lottery

Leverage Kodak's 40 years of experience with secure numbering required in the lottery market.

  • KODAK Technology is used to print up to 80% of the world's scratch-off lottery tickets
  • Secure numbering and process color imaging
  • In 2010 the lottery market was the only print market that grew double digits


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