FLEXCEL Direct System

Expand Your Capabilities, Be Direct

Be Direct

The KODAK FLEXCEL Direct System offers a brand new approach to direct engraving of elastomers for flexographic printing that boosts efficiency and print quality, ideal for both printers and prepress service providers.


Turnkey Solution

Complete solution that includes imaging, media and software- all optimized to work together in a simple, two-step process that boosts operational efficiency and print quality.


Laser Technology

Kodak's proven multi-channel laser diode imaging technology is more accurate and faster than direct laser systems. Get higher resolution engraving, more laser power, while reducing cost and energy.


Unique Media

FLEXCEL Direct Media are formulated to maximize engraving speed on the FLEXCEL Direct Imager, and deliver outstanding print performance on press.



The Flexcel Direct System is designed to simplify the process of creating a sleeve or plate.


Environmental Advantages

The Flexcel direct system offers compelling environmental advantages. It uses 30% less energy than other DLE systems, eliminates all solvents and chemicals, and reduces ink and substrate waste while delivering consistent image quality.


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