SONORA UV Process Free Plates

UV plus Process Free

(Available 2017 in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Australia/New Zealand)

Extremely long run lengths for UV applications

If you have a UV press or are considering one, you already know the benefits of UV. The SONORA UV Plate delivers up to 30,000 impressions for UV applications, so now you can have the benefits of process free plate making too.


Lower Costs

The cost savings make switching to SONORA Process Free Plates an easy business decision. Eliminating the processing step lets printers save on chemistry, water, processor maintenance and chemistry disposal, as well as reducing the significant cost of processing variability.


Environmental Benefits

With SONORA Plates, printers show their customers and community that they are environmental leaders by eliminating all the chemicals, water, energy and waste associated with plate processing.


Effortless Process Control

Because there are no processing variables, SONORA Plates can be put on press with no dot measurement needed and no surprises.


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