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Aliasprint Widens Application Offering and Increases Sales with KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Press

  • June 21, 2017

Founded in 2008 in the southwest of France by Vincent Abadie and his wife Camille, Aliasprint is a commercial printing house specializing in small and large-format digital printing. From day one, the firm has been aggressive about its growth and laser focused on meeting its customer’s evolving needs. Underpinning Aliasprint’s success is a guiding philosophy they call "a different kind of printing."

In 2011, the company decided to join forces with the RSP group, an Aliasprint customer at the time, to create a full-service design and print production agency. Today, the combined company’s 9,500 square meter facility in Toulouse serves large enterprises and communications agencies with offset printing up to 72 x 106 cm (28.34 x 41.73 in), an advertising agency, a multimedia studio, a specialized communication unit, and a logistics and distribution service. The company guarantees fast response times throughout the entire production process, from design through to delivery.

Vincent Abadie attributes the company’s success to its commitment to invest in cutting edge technology that expands the types of services and applications they can offer customers. "Print volumes are decreasing with many of our clients, but demand for added value is increasing," Vincent Abadie explained. "Creating printed material that stands out requires imagination, like printing on unusual media, personalizing the message and surprising customers with new formats.”

When it came time to replace one of its ageing digital presses, Aliasprint chose the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press with the long sheet option, which the company installed in May 2016. The company’s trust in Kodak and the machine's unique features and capabilities persuaded Vincent Abadie to invest in the NEXPRESS Platform.

"Kodak took the time to train an operator even before the machine arrived in the print room," Vincent Abadie commented. “The KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Press with the long sheet option was the only device on the market that met our requirements. From a financial point of view, it was ideally suited for our business structure and investment capacity, giving us greater peace of mind for the future. From a strategic perspective, it allows us to print 36 x 100 cm (14.17 x 39.37 inch) sheets, which has opened the door to new markets and exciting new prospects."

Conquering new markets
One of the most important considerations for Aliasprint’s choice to invest in the KODAK NEXPRESS Press was equipping the firm to break into new markets at a competitive price. "The 36 x 100 cm print format is an intermediate format that fills a gap between what we could previously offer in offset and digital. With the new format option, we can now offer additional services, such as Italian-style A4 brochures, document folders, 3 or 4 leaf brochures and more. These types of documents, which were previously handled externally in offset, are now handled in-house, thanks to the NEXPRESS Press.”

For Aliasprint, bringing this type of printing in-house has allowed the firm to feel even more confident in each promise they make to their customers, whether it’s guaranteeing production deadlines or accommodating special requests, like producing three-or-four leaf projects in small quantities.

Wider range of applications
For Aliasprint, the range of enhancement capabilities that the NEXPRESS Press offers, such as adding gold or dimensional ink to add sparkle or texture to printed material, is helping to set the company apart in the market. Recently, a photo retailer was searching for a company that could handle printing small photo cards with a double-sided dimensional treatment generated through its smartphone app. "This customer was looking for a distinctive and original treatment to create a truly unique product in a very competitive consumer space. There is no doubt that the Kodak technology helped us win this project,” commented Vincent Abadie.

Barely six months after the machine went into production, Aliasprint already sees material returns on its investment. Vincent Abadie concludes, "We have already noticed an increase of around 10 % in revenue generated by work that we were previously unable to handle. The KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Press is opening up access, at competitive prices, to major accounts that were previously beyond our reach. This is very encouraging for our company’s future.”