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New Multi-Cassette Unit for KODAK Platesetters

  • April 13, 2017
Multi-Cassette Unit for KODAK Platesetters

What’s better for a growing print business than more automation? Automation that uses less power, takes up less space, and can be configured to meet your throughput and plate requirements! And that’s exactly what printers are getting with the new Multi-Cassette Unit for KODAK TRENDSETTER and ACHIEVE Platesetters, available in just a few months.

Everyone knows that automation helps reduce waste and costly errors while improving productivity, and now the TRENDSETTER and ACHIEVE Platesetters have even more automation options to help you grow your business. The new MCU offers automated plate loading and unloading of up to 480 plates, so you can run continuously for longer. Each cassette holds up to 120 plates, and printers can choose 2 cassettes or 4.

With the new MCU, you don’t have to worry about increasing energy costs. The current models of TRENDSETTER and ACHIEVE Platesetters with MCU use up to 80% less power than other MCU solutions. While imaging, the TRENDSETTER Platesetter uses only 770 watts, and the ACHIEVE Platesetter uses only 400 watts. That’s the equivalent of a few light bulbs!

The new MCU also uses less space than other MCU solutions – 24 to 65% less space. Its compact design is important for printers that want to improve productivity through automation but don’t have much extra physical space in prepress. The TRENDSETTER and ACHIEVE Platesetters are also fully compatible with SONORA Process Free Plates, so printers can save even more space in prepress by eliminating the plate processor.

Finally, the MCU can be configured with a wide range of options. A short unload table is standard, but the MCU is also available with a long unload table with plate rotator. There is also an optional post-image punch system with up to 10 punch heads.

Look for more information on the MCU soon!