Digital Workflow

Now with EFI Fiery and HP, PRINERGY Workflow 8.1 delivers the broadest range of digital connectivity.

Experience the capabilities of Version 8...

  • One workflow for offset and digital: cut cost and increase turnaround because operators can direct a job’s output without reworking files.
  • Universal Digital Job Ticket Editor: the industry’s first workflow that lets operators make production decisions in real time.
  • Expanded partnerships with 3rd party digital press manufacturers: PRINERGY Workflow software is customized enabling an advanced level of automation.

...with the added flexibility of Version 8.1

Expanded digital connectivity and existing open infrastructure gives printers the ultimate flexibility and freedom to utilize the broadest range of digital presses.

  • Leverage flexibility with the broadest range of digital connectivity: EFI Fiery, HP, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Komori and Landa.
  • Increase efficiency with bi-directional communication between PRINERGY Workflow and digital devices.
  • Reduce costs with the new Preset feature that streamlines document production.

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Digital Workflow

Whether Commercial or Packaging, digital printing is a growing technology in your industry. Facilitating short runs, customization, and fast turnaround times, adding digital capacity can be an incremental growth driver for your business.

Boost digital printing's profitability and quality output with KODAK PRINERGY Workflow platform. PRINERGY Workflow provides centralized control over a fleet of Kodak and third-party digital presses and CTP, for efficient, automated production of all job sizes and lengths.

Moreover, only Kodak is expanding partnerships with key digital printing manufacturers like Ricoh to provide an advanced level of automation and management.

Leverage the full complement of PRINERGY platform functionality to drive efficiency and cost savings in your digital business.


Expand digital capability efficiently

  • Single digital workflow system for both conventional and digital means faster digital integration and greater operational efficiency.

Manage the print product life cycle

  • From prototype, to full production including one-offs, a print product's life cycle goes through many stages. Incorporating a full digital integration into this process ensures quality control at every step regardless of the product's delivery though digital or CTP.
  • Digital Job Ticket Editor allows you to better define the digital output at specific steps in the production process.
  • Real-time tracking of status from a browser interface allows for changes and resubmissions of your digital jobs.

Digital press management

  • Digital Device Discovery: view in real time device capabilities at time of production to direct output efficiently.
  • Digital Submit: drag and drop job interface that can be used with RBA to automate job creation, file processing, imposition and output to a digital press.
  • Digital Direct: digital press and job management interface that simplifies the management of high volumes of digital print work. Jobs can be filtered, sorted and queued to digital presses. Job progress and press status can be viewed from a single window.
  • One managed press connection: an unlimited number of hot folders, and unlimited Digital Direct and Submit clients, for a single JMF digital press.


PRINERGY Platform Software

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KODAK PRINERGY Workflow is the world's leading production workflow system. The trusted production hub for commercial, packaging and publishing printers, its open infrastructure integrates conventional and digital print production, automates and optimizes file processing and production management, drives proofers, computer-to-plate devices and presses, and connects Kodak and third-party systems.
Kodak offers a single source for all your digital commercial and packaging printing workflow needs from file creation to final output.


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