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System Performance Dashboards

Decision Analytics for your entire print process. Harness your print production data into actionable analysis and insightful reporting with intuitive dashboards included in all PRINERGY Cloud services. Historical production trends will assist you in identifying key growth opportunities, while a closer look at your workflow production volumes will help remove bottlenecks and improve productivity.

The System Performance Dashboards track:

  • Production activity
  • Errors & rework
  • Performance optimization


System Performance Dashboards

System Performance Dashboards allow you to understand your costs today, how they trend over time and how to save costs in the future.


Pages / Artwork Dashboard

Understand your seasonal trends by analyzing the number of pages you create daily.


JTP Activity Dashboard

This JTP Activity dashboard allows you to visualize the up/down trends of your JTP activity and queue wait times. A simple click on the dashboard bar graph will pop up a time series area graph. This pop up shows the specific Retrieve JTP for the File Archive and Backup solution.


Separations Dashboard

See the number of separations that are output per template and identify and manage template usage.


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