Cloud Computing Helps PSPs Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • May 30, 2017

“Perhaps one of the most powerful motivators in the cloud total cost of ownership (TCO) consideration is this: Should IT personnel be consumed with application and hardware maintenance or should they be devoting their time to innovation and R&D?”

— Cloud Strategy Mag, “Understanding TCO Cloud Economics”

While more and more print service providers (PSPs) report incorporating cloud-based platforms to complement their current on premise software systems, one of the largest concerns when adopting SaaS is the cost of ownership, and whether the ROI is meaningful enough to invest.

But where are you currently investing your money? If your business is buying, deploying and maintaining IT staff to manage the infrastructure of your on-premise system, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to grow and improve your services.

While adopting a cloud platform might seem like a sizeable upfront investment, InfoTrends reports that business owners who have integrated the cloud into their current software system are likely to see a gradual decline in overhead costs. This includes the decline of IT staffing levels for most PSPs.

In addition to reduced staffing costs, cloud-based software takes responsibility for costly infrastructure, including servers, backing up software, operating systems, updates, facility space, and more. With lower overhead costs, PSPs are finding more revenue generating opportunities that increase overall productivity and leave more room for innovation.

Learn more about how cloud technology benefits PSPs in our white paper, “5 Reasons Print Service Providers Are Selecting Cloud-Based Software.”