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Microscope Maintenance and Calibration

Zoom Microscope Kodak technicians have the factory training, approved tools, and spare parts to calibrate and repair your optical equipment. We also offer operator training programs.

Cleaning and Calibration Benefits
Periodic cleaning and calibration (Kodak recommends semiannually) helps to:

  • Reduce misreadings of optical sensors and process performance due to optical misalignment
  • Eliminate fuzzy images, and lessen the possibilities to miss or incorrectly exploit critical targets.

These factors save you unnecessary work and cost. Our teams are ready to travel to your site for maintenance.

Maintenance Includes:
Kodak microscope maintenance and calibration ensures you get the most from your optical system by:

  • Cleaning all optics
  • Calibrating optical systems
  • Replace and repair parts as required
  • Training operators

Kodak technical support staff have the security background investigations to fulfill your needs.

Preventive Maintenance Program
Our preventive maintenance routines find and remedy minor trouble spots before they occur. To remove any worry about your next service appointment, we track scheduling and equipment conditions on a computerized record system.