Kodak has discontinued the direct marketing and sale of CD-PROM products effective October 1, 2002.

Following our successful launch of our CD-PROM based PictureCD product, Kodak began actively promoting and selling CD-PROM manufacturing capacity as an OEM service because we saw value to these unique CDs in the direct marketing and security spaces. Not only has the broad recession, and related reduction in marketing programs nationwide made this a difficult time to encourage adoption of this new technology- but Kodak also sold off it's CD manufacturing plants as over-capacity raced through the recordable CD-market. That left Kodak as little more than a middleman between someone else's factories, and resellers who were developing applications for this technology in their own areas of expertise.

If third parties remain interested in developing business applications for CD-PROM. Kodak will, under certain conditions, consider licensing CD-PROM technology to a business or manufacturing entity.

If you have any further questions regarding this product discontinuance, please contact Kodak by sending an e-mail to cd-prom@kodak.com.