Kodak Save $110 Tour: January Journal Entries

Kodak Save $110 Tour: January Journal Entries


January 1-3

Happy New Year from the Kodak Save $110 Tour!

We made our way from Arizona to California and spent the first weekend of 2010 in Palmdale, Santa Clarita and Northridge.

As we left the Happy Valley Road Best Buy in Phoenix, the store manager, Brent, came outside to say, "That Swap for Savings [promotion] was a big success while you had it going. I was constantly having to make calls to keep the printers in stock. Great job today!" he said. What a great way to wrap up our Arizona stretch!

In California, the good weather brought out lots of people to enjoy the last days of their holiday break. Spirits were high and people were excited to begin the new year with SAVINGS!

At the Nordhoff Road Best Buy store in Northridge, CA - the lucky winners of our printer giveaway was Connie and Vick, a husband-and-wife team of book authors who print over 500 pages a month (along with photos) and were looking for a low-cost ink solution and had been eyeing a Kodak All-in-One printer. "I told Connie, the minute I saw these ads on TV, that this is the [printer] we needed. We will definitely use it!" says Vick. And Connie concurred, "This is great, we need cheaper ink!".

We also spoke with one shopper, Casey, who was still not completely sold on a new printer that he purchased just last week (of another brand). "I haven't used it yet," he told us, "because I went to go get the ink to put in it, and it's like 60 bucks for the cartridges. I don't think it's worth it."

After speaking with us a little bit about the Kodak ESP9, which had all the features he needed for his home office, he decided to return the printer and get more bang for his buck with a Kodak printer instead. He was so grateful for the help that he wanted to do something for us: "Can I get you guys anything?" he asked, "Coffee? Chocolate?  I like to do nice things for people who help me out and you just saved me some money!"

Well, we were just happy to help!!

January 7-10

Greetings from Las Vegas! It was our BUSIEST weekend of the entire Kodak Save $110 Tour. Lots of locals were out shopping, and combine that with the 120,000+ people in town for CES - the world's largest consumer technology trade show - and it made for a weekend of non-stop interaction with visitors! The segment on KTNV-Channel 13 and radio promotions on KKJJ Jack FM brought out lots of eager folks who entered to win our prize drawings as well.

Best Buy brought back the "Swap for Savings" promotion and it helped convince more shoppers to trade-in their printer for $50 off a brand new Kodak All-in-One.

At one point, the manager of the Best Buy on Rainbow Blvd. came out to say "I've had 4 people already come in asking to see the Kodak ESP 9, and we sold the last one this morning!". There also happened to be some Best Buy Corporate Regional Managers in town, and they were pleased to see the tour up-close-and-personal.

We met one shopper, Greg, who complained about spending too much on ink. He runs his own small business and he told us that he prints upwards of 2,000 prints a month. He has taken to wasteful practice of throwing printers away rather than replacing the ink! He told us, "At this point, it's really cheaper for me just to replace the whole printer, because the cartridges are so expensive," So we helped him do the math and figured that by switching to a Kodak All-in-One, he'd be saving about half of what he is currently shelling out for ink costs. Greg wasted no time in going into that Best Buy to purchase a new ESP 9. He promised us he wouldn't be throwing this one away anytime soon!

January 14-17

It was the last weekend of the Kodak Save $110 Tour and what an amazing journey it has been, traveling across the country for 16 straight weeks - from Rochester, NY to San Diego, CA and about 25 states in between.

In San Diego, we made a special visit to Kodak's offices and got to talk with employees, many who have been very instrumental in creating Kodak's line of inkjet printers.

Over the weekend, we stopped at Best Buy stores in Oceanside, Encinitas, Mission Valley, La Mesa, Rancho Bernardo and Mira Mesa.

We met one gentleman named Jim who had bought his sister the Kodak ESP 7 for Christmas and walked right over to give us his feedback. "She loves that thing! She told me it's one of the best gifts she's ever gotten, and she's hard to shop for!"

And we met Dan, a plastic surgeon who specializes in facial enhancement and reconstruction. He recently purchased the Kodak ESP 9 for his practice and has been very impressed with its print quality. "I take a lot of photos in my line of work," he says. "I have to take before and after shots all the time. The prints are so good on these, like skin tone and color and everything. [The Kodak ESP 9] has been so useful in my office."

And at the very last stop of the entire tour, one gentleman approached our table with his own SD memory card, and requested that we print a couple of his photos. He was curious about the print quality and the features of each printer. When we gave him his print outs, he was convinced. "It's great to see Kodak doing new things like this all the time. It's kind of a given that they know photos and that sort of thing, but with the switch over to digital, I guess they haven't missed a beat." He went on to tell us about a circa 1930 Kodak camera his family found in his late great uncle's attic. "It was so cool it had the pull-out accordion piece and everything. So, even back then, Kodak was doing their thing!"

So we leave you with the assurance that Kodak is absolutely doing their thing! Very special thanks to all the loyal fans, new customers, media, bloggers, Best Buy stores, and Kodak folks who have made this a very special, very touching tour for us. We hope to see you on the road again soon!