KODAK Save $110 Tour

Welcome to the KODAK Save $110 Tour

Kodak is hitting the road in a BIG way to demonstrate to America just how easy it is to save on average $110 per year on ink with Kodak's All-in-One inkjet printers —while producing high-quality, long-lasting prints.

Come visit our fully equipped “Save $110 Tour” van and test-drive our latest All-in-One inkjet printers, learn more about inkjet printing and tips on how to save on printing and ink replacement costs.

Just for stopping by, you’ll have a chance to win the newest Kodak ESP 3250 or 5250 or a $110 Visa gift card.

We hope to see you at one of our stops!
Our Next stops:

January 14-17
It was the last weekend of the Kodak Save $110 Tour and what an amazing journey it has been, traveling across the country for 16 straight weeks - from Rochester, NY to San Diego, CA and about 25 states in between.

In San Diego, we made a special visit to Kodak's offices and got to talk with employees, many who have been very instrumental in creating Kodak's line of inkjet printers.

Over the weekend, we stopped at Best Buy stores in Oceanside, Encinitas, Mission Valley, La Mesa, Rancho Bernardo and Mira Mesa.

We met one gentleman named Jim who had bought his sister the Kodak ESP 7 for Christmas and walked right over to give us his feedback. "She loves that thing! She told me it's one of the best gifts she's ever gotten, and she's hard to shop for!"

And we met Dan, a plastic surgeon who specializes in facial enhancement and reconstruction. He recently purchased the Kodak ESP 9 for his practice and has been very impressed with its print quality. "I take a lot of photos in my line of work," he says. "I have to take before and after shots all the time. The prints are so good on these, like skin tone and color and everything. [The Kodak ESP 9] has been so useful in my office."

And at the very last stop of the entire tour, one gentleman approached our table with his own SD memory card, and requested that we print a couple of his photos. He was curious about the print quality and the features of each printer. When we gave him his print outs, he was convinced. "It's great to see Kodak doing new things like this all the time. It's kind of a given that they know photos and that sort of thing, but with the switch over to digital, I guess they haven't missed a beat." He went on to tell us about a circa 1930 Kodak camera his family found in his late great uncle's attic. "It was so cool it had the pull-out accordion piece and everything. So, even back then, Kodak was doing their thing!"

So we leave you with the assurance that Kodak is absolutely doing their thing! Very special thanks to all the loyal fans, new customers, media, bloggers, Best Buy stores, and Kodak folks who have made this a very special, very touching tour for us. We hope to see you on the road again soon!