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Polymer Science Title

Modern photography owes its existence to polymers – and polymers are used in almost every product Kodak makes today. Kodak R&D is a leader in many areas of advanced polymer research. Our work in polymer science yields fundamental knowledge of important material properties.

At Kodak, research in Polymer Science is both fundamental and dynamic. We have active programs in polymer physical chemistry and polymer synthetic chemistry. Also, there is considerable overlap among these fields and material science and polymer engineering. The interplay and synergy between all of these disciplines allows Kodak to produce novel and technically sophisticated products.

For instance, photographic film is a multi-layer structure that includes an engineered polymer film base, static charge controlling layers, and lubrication layers, as well as many gelatin-based layers that contain the photographic chemistry.

In addition, digital imaging products (such as inkjet paper and ink, materials for thermal dye transfer printers, medical imaging media, printing plates, lithographic masks, CCD electronic camera sensors, and more) depend on multi-component polymeric systems.

Kodak's Research Laboratories maintain state-of-the-art analytical capabilities for characterizing new materials, for determining physical and surface properties, and for morphological analysis.