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Polymer Engineering and Materials Science Title

Most of  Kodak's imaging products are made of coated, polymeric multilayers. Polymer engineering and materials science technology allow us to continually improve product performance and introduce new imaging media.

Kodak polymer scientists and engineers use their knowledge of the material properties, structure-property relations, processing, and mechanics of thin polymeric multilayers to deliver material and engineering solutions that make our products even better. Often, the success of new products depends on materials technology that ensures a high degree of reliability and "environmental friendliness" from manufacturing through use.

Kodak polymer scientists and engineers use state-of-the-art experimental techniques such as force microscopy methods, nanoindentation, and computer modeling. A few of our polymer research efforts include:

  • Protective/barrier layers
  • Thin-layer composites
  • Coextruded/laminated layers
  • Interfacial and surface properties (such as adhesion and tribology)
  • Dimensional stability of polymer supports.

Kodak's materials R&D efforts are highly interdisciplinary, requiring close scientific and project-team collaborations among polymer and other materials scientists, chemists, chemical engineers, coating process engineers, and imaging scientists.