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Analytical Chemistry Title

Analytical Chemistry is a critical technology that makes possible all of the materials and media invention and development at Kodak.

Analytical chemists can influence the course of materials-related efforts through a few key initiatives:

  1. Providing integrated analytical support for all materials-technology and product-development programs (from conventional photographic materials to digital imaging materials, as well as new photographic output and display materials).

    In this role, Kodak analytical chemists both characterize materials and provide a basic understanding about those materials' functions and properties (as they relate to product systems). Analytical chemists are key members of many technology- and product-focused teams at Kodak. They work with experts from many technology disciplines to design and execute experiments, and to extract maximum information from measurements.

  2. Maintaining state-of-the-art capabilities (both equipment and expertise) in analytical chemistry and technology, and to be the stewards of these technologies for Kodak. Analytical chemists have earned external recognition in these disciplines:

    • Molecular spectroscopy
    • Polymer characterization
    • Separations science
    • Particle and physical characterization
    • Elemental analysis
    • Process analytical chemistry
  3. Analyzing and solving problems. Analytical chemists often are the material and system "sleuths" for Kodak – figuring out how our material systems work and why they perform the way they do. They investigate everything from simple chemical mixtures to complex products in the field.

    These scientists combine many analytical technologies and techniques (chemical separation, surface analysis, and more) with their understanding of materials and products to solve problems for Kodak and its customers.