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New KODAK Digital Panoramic & Cephalometric System Acquires Images In Seconds

“One Shot” Extraoral Technology Enables Sharper Images, Improved Patient Comfort

ORLANDO, Apr. 30 -- A new direct extraoral digital radiography system is the first of its kind to support “one shot” cephalometric imaging, reducing the risk of blurred images and improving patient comfort, Eastman Kodak Company announced today at the 104 th Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists.

The KODAK 8000C Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric System, formerly known as the TROPHYPAN C System, which has received market clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, captures standard cephalometric views in seconds. In addition, unlike systems that capture cephalometric views by scanning the patient, the KODAK 8000C System uses no moving parts during image acquisition. 

The new KODAK 8000C System also features:

  • Excellent image resolution and quality;
  • Two dedicated sensors—one for panoramic and one for cephalometric imaging—for easier operation and reduced chance of sensor misalignment;
  • Image size equivalent to an 18 x 24 cm (8 by 10 in.) image to support viewing of all points of interest for both diagnosis and reconstruction analysis;
  • Automatic soft tissue filter for enhanced diagnostic efficacy; and
  • Motorized height adjustment and Frankfurt laser beam technology for precise positioning.

The KODAK 8000C System comes with KODAK imaging software, providing a wide range of image processing capabilities. The software integrates with practice management, cephalometric tracing, treatment planning and soft tissue morphing software systems.

 The KODAK 8000C System supports panoramic, TMJ and maxillary sinus views as well as all standard cephalometric views: lateral, oblique, antero-posterior, postero-anterior, submento-vertex and carpus.

Built-In Sensors

The KODAK 8000C System incorporates Kodak’s proven digital radiography sensor technology, used and trusted by thousands of practitioners worldwide. The sensor reliability is further enhanced by the system design: the KODAK 8000C System comes with two sensors, one for panoramic images and one for cephalometric images. Dental professionals don’t have to handle sensors to switch modalities, minimizing the chances for accidental damage or sensor misalignment. And because the sensors are built-in, they are more protected than with other types of system design.

Less Risk of Blur, Improved Patient Comfort

All other direct digital cephalometric machines currently available in the United States use a vertical or horizontal scanning mechanism for image capture. The scanning process takes from 8-18 seconds to complete, during which the patient must remain motionless.

Unlike these types of systems, the KODAK 8000C System uses “one shot” imaging technology. Images are captured instantly, so there is less risk of patient movement. Dental professionals get sharper images and patients are more comfortable—supporting better patient care as well as improved image quality.

Backed by Customer Support

The KODAK 8000C System is backed by Kodak’s commitment to customer support. Dental professionals who purchase the system will receive assistance from Kodak’s trainers to help ensure they will quickly master its operation.

Dental professionals already using the KODAK 8000 Digital Panoramic System (formerly called the TROPHYPAN System) can be upgraded to the KODAK 8000C System configuration.

For more information about the KODAK 8000C System, dental professionals should call 1-800-944-6365.

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