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KODAK Mobile Service (www.kmobile.com) offers camera phone users anytime, anywhere access to their digital photos and phone-captured video. KODAK Mobile Service is an easy-to-use, comprehensive service for the growing number of camera phone users to access and interact with all of their digital pictures and mobile-captured video on the go. With KODAK Mobile Service, users can:

Highlights of KODAK Mobile Service

  • Intuitively store and organize all their pictures and phone-captured video in one location;

  • Share all their digital and mobile pictures and stories with friends and family right from their camera phone;

  • View and organize images, including photos from family and friends, on a computer or phone.

Highlights of KODAK Mobile Service

  • Intuitive Organization: Online albums can be arranged into folders for greater organization and easier sharing with friends and family

  • Automatic Group Sharing: Establish shared folders that automatically email your friends when updated.

  • Share With Anyone: With KODAK Mobile Service you can share with any image-ready phone or computer You don't need to have the same carrier to share photos with family and friends.

  • Order Prints: As a KODAK Mobile Service member, photos will also be stored, so users can edit their images and order prints.

How To Get KODAK Mobile Service

  • Anyone with a camera or multimedia/photo ready phone that supports WAP 2.0 can begin using KODAK Mobile Service, which can be accessed by computer or handset browser at www.kmobile.com . Many carriers offer a free trial, after which the price is $2.99 per month.

  • Cingular subscribers with camera phones and multimedia messaging service (MMS) are able to store and access their mobile images at KODAK Mobile Service directly through their handsets for a monthly subscription fee of $2.99, charged through their monthly service bill.

  • Kodak has also worked with Nokia, the leading handset maker, to create seamless links from select versions of the NOKIA 3600 Series camera phones to the KODAK Mobile Service. Nokia users can sign up for the service at www.nokia.kmobile.com.

  • Through an agreement with AT&T Wireless, KODAK Mobile Service is also available to AT&T Wireless mMode™ subscribers, who can immediately get more from their camera phone by visiting www.attws.kmobile.com to sign up for the service.

Getting Started With KODAK Mobile Service

Each KODAK Mobile Service user will have functionality particular to their service provider and mobile handset. Therefore, the steps outlined below provide a broad tutorial, and are not detailed to the level of "click by click" instruction for your individual service.

1. Signing Up

  1. Through a computer connection go to www.kmobile.com and click the "Get Started" button

  2. Provide an email address at which you would like to receive service messages. It will become your username each time you return

  3. Have your mobile phone turned on. You will be sent an SMS message to the mobile phone number you provide with a personal identification number (PIN) included to ensure that you are indeed the owner of the phone

  4. Enter the PIN contained in the SMS message and press the "Verify Phone Number" button

Your account is set up!

Note: KODAK Mobile Service is provided by Ofoto, Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company. Existing Ofoto members should "Sign In" at the welcome screen, rather than start a new membership. This way, the members will be able to see all the existing pictures saved at Ofoto using KODAK Mobile Service as well.

1. Uploading

  1. Send pictures using MMS from your camera phone to save@kmobile.com

We suggest users add an entry to the address book on their mobile phone called "KODAK Mobile" and give it the email address: save@kmobile.com, to avoid having to type the email address using the mobile phone keypad.

1. Viewing

  1. Go to KODAK Mobile Service at www.kmobile.com using either the computer or a mobile phone that supports WAP 2.0

  2. Sign in

  3. You will see all your albums

  4. Click on an album to see thumbnails of the pictures saved in that album

  5. Click on a thumbnail to see the enlarged picture

  6. You can navigate to see "next" or "previous" pictures

1. Sharing

People you invite to see your album will see only the album you want shared

  1. From KODAK Mobile Service on either the computer or the mobile phone, select an album to share

  2. Choose "share album" from the menu

  3. Enter the email addresses of the people with whom you want to share (if you entered these in the KODAK Mobile Service address book, you can select them directly from the address book)

  4. Click on "Send"


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