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Kodak Perfect Touch Processing Now Detects and Reduces Consumers' Top Picture Problem -- Red-Eye

Say Goodbye to Little 'Devils' in Your Pictures This Halloween

ROCHESTER, NY, October 29 -- Just in time for those ghoulish Halloween photos, Eastman Kodak Company today announced that Kodak Perfect Touch Processing, Kodak's revolutionary new digital processing technology, has now been enhanced to detect and reduce red-eye -- one of the top three most common problems consumers have with their pictures.

Launched nationally in July 2003, Kodak Perfect Touch Processing individually scans and corrects each film negative picture to produce more vibrant colors, richer detail, fewer dark shadows.

"Halloween is a memorable occasion for parents and kids alike, and everyone wants to make sure to capture the true spirit of this special day so that it can be remembered for years to come," said Chris Sliva, Output Business Manager, US&C, Eastman Kodak Company. "With the added benefit of red-eye detection and reduction to Kodak Perfect Touch Processing just in time for Halloween, consumers can see first-hand the dramatic difference that processing can make with their pictures."

Red-Eye Reduction Important to Consumers

Red-eye has been consistently found to be one of the top three most common photography problems experienced by consumers. In a simulated market test, 9 out of 10 consumers said they would switch retail outlets to get Kodak Perfect Touch Processing with red-eye reduction. Red-eye reduction is currently available at all 40,000 locations offering Kodak Perfect Touch Processing.

"Red-eye spoils many point-and-shoot portraits. The most common remedy is a special red-eye reduction flash option found on most cameras," said Pete Kolonia with Popular Photography. "Unfortunately, the bright flickering flashes they create can ruin many more pictures due to the annoyed expressions they provoke. A better solution is to fix the red-eye after the fact via digital print processing."

A flash-photography phenomenon, red-eye has aggravated consumers for decades, and any technological advance to reduce it finds ready consumer acceptance.

Kodak Perfect Touch Processing, which has rolled out regionally across the U.S. since last fall, already has demonstrated dramatic consumer acceptance -- with 80 percent of users responding they were completely satisfied with the new service and 92 percent saying they would recommend Kodak Perfect Touch Processing to a friend.

Current suggested retail prices for Kodak Perfect Touch Processing range between $7.99 and $9.99 for single prints and $9.99 and $11.99 for double prints. Kodak Perfect Touch Processing with red-eye detection and reduction is available at all participating Kodak products retailers throughout the United States.

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