Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Hires Kojima from Olympus to Drive Digital Camera Business

Pioneer of Japan's Digital Camera Industry to Help Kodak Extend Market Share

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 16—Eastman Kodak Company announced that it has hired Yusuke Kojima, formerly of Olympus Optical Company, Ltd., as General Manager of the company's consumer digital camera business, Kodak's fastest-growing business. Kojima, who has been elected a corporate vice president of Kodak, reports to Willy Shih, President of Kodak's Digital & Applied Imaging business. His appointment is effective immediately.

In his new role, Kojima will be sharing responsibility for all manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing of Kodak's EasyShare line of consumer digital cameras. The EasyShare camera and docking station has become popular among consumers for its ease of use, and under Kojima's leadership, Kodak intends to increase its share of the digital camera market. He will be based in Yokohama, Japan.

Kojima, a 35-year-veteran of Olympus, had served as Executive Officer and Group Vice President of Olympus' Imaging Systems Groups since 2001. Based on his strong technical leadership and vision, he drove Olympus to a leadership position in the industry. Prior to that assignment, he spent six years as the founding General Manager of the Digital Imaging Division at Olympus. In that role, he developed the division's first business plan, led Olympus' successful entry into the digital camera business, directed research and development of key new products and helped develop the worldwide digital camera market as a whole.

Kojima, 58, is the latest executive with expertise in digital products and services to join Kodak's senior management. This year, Kodak has hired Antonio M. Perez, formerly of Hewlett-Packard Co., as the company's President and Chief Operating Officer, and Bernard Masson, formerly of Lexmark International Inc., as President of Kodak's Display Group.

"Yusuke Kojima is widely viewed as one of the pioneers of the digital camera industry,'' Shih said. "He has negotiated major alliances with other leading imaging companies, and he has led an organization of 4,500 people developing, marketing and manufacturing digital cameras, both in Japan and China. Kojima's knowledge, experience and wealth of industry relationships in the digital camera business are unmatched."

Prior to 1995, Kojima spent four years as General Manager of the Olympus Domestic Sales Company, and prior to 1991, he held a number of increasingly responsible positions in the Olympus organization. He is a graduate of the highly regarded Keio University.

"I am proud to have joined the company that invented the digital camera, and I look forward to helping Kodak accelerate its effort to expand the digital camera market and its share of that market," Kojima said. "I expect that the Kodak brand, which is so well known for imaging excellence in the traditional market, will remain the standard of excellence in the digital world."

In his effort to further increase Kodak's market share, Kojima will work with Gregory R. Westbrook, currently General Manager, Digital Hardware Solutions, for Digital & Applied Imaging. A corporate vice president, Westbrook has been involved in setting the company's consumer digital imaging strategies since the early 1990s. In 1999, he relocated to Japan as General Manager of Operations for Digital & Applied Imaging, and this year returned to Kodak's headquarters in Rochester. He also reports to Shih.

"Digital cameras are now on the verge of becoming consumer mass-market products, and Kodak has every intention of claiming a larger share of that business," Shih said. "We continue to strengthen our management so that we keep producing the innovative new products and services that will generate profitable growth."