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Survey Finds Eight in Ten Americans Took Pictures This Holiday Season, and Kodak Can Help Set Those Memories Free

Kodak Helps Consumers Escape the 'Back-to-Routine' Blues by Offering Tips for Sharing Holiday Pictures

ROCHESTER, N.Y, January 6 -- Eight out of every ten Americans snapped pictures this holiday season, and three in four believe that sharing them with family and friends helps recall the festive times, a survey conducted on behalf of Eastman Kodak Company reveals.

January is traditionally the busiest time for photo processing and printing. According to survey respondents, this year 65 percent intend to get their photos processed within three weeks of their holiday celebrations.

"Picture-taking is embedded in the holiday tradition for many Americans," said Martin M. Coyne II, Group Executive of Photography, and an Executive Vice President of Eastman Kodak Company. With a majority of people planning to process their pictures within the first few weeks of January, Kodak offers quick and easy ways to share and preserve their holiday memories throughout the year.

Whether it's with film or digital pictures, consumers can escape the blues by sharing their memories with family and friends while ensuring that their pictures don't languish in a camera, computer or shoebox. Kodak offers several simple and enjoyable ways to share those holiday pictures including e-mailing photos to family and friends, creating online albums and photo calendars, and employing a variety of printing options at home, retail stores and online.

  • Share your pictures with family and friends using Ofoto.com, the leading online photo service. You can get Kodak prints of your digital photos, share your pictures easily through personalized online photo albums and create photo calendars, cards and more.

  • Make great holiday pictures even better in just five minutes by enhancing, enlarging, cropping and reprinting existing photos using the Kodak Picture Maker. For a unique and special feel, change color prints to black and white or sepia tone. Find a Kodak Picture Maker near you by visiting the store locator at www.kodak.com.

  • Film users can go digital easily by selecting a Kodak Picture CD , which includes easy-to-use software for e-mailing pictures. Pictures also are available for viewing, sharing and printing online through services such as Kodak Picture Center Online at participating retailers nationwide.

  • For those who received a digital camera this holiday, many options exist for digital printing at home, online and at retail store locations to make printing digital images easier than ever.Use the powerful Kodak EasyShare software to transfer, organize, edit, share and print holiday pictures easily. It's available free for download at www.kodak.com. For best results, use Kodak Inkjet Papers to get quality prints right from a home computer using an inkjet printer.

  • Create thank-you notes using holiday photos to send back a gift in return. Simply add a holiday picture to the front of a folded card as a meaningful way to say 'thank you.' Ofoto also offers a framing service that will suggest a frame and package a picture for you to send by mail.

For more information on how to bring these ideas to life, please visit www.kodak.com.

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