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Creating Digital Collages

Welcome to the Members Gallery. Thank you for visiting.

As part of your membership, we offer you a new monthly set of pictures. Kodak offers these sample pictures for your non-commercial use to:

  • To celebrate the joy of photography;
  • To honor the Internet's tradition of sharing;
  • To demonstrate how traditional and digital imaging are intertwined;
  • To give you an opportunity to experiment with images on your own computer

Please join our host Tom Hoehn, a team member, in exploring some creative techniques in making digital picture collages. Tom by no means considers himself a professional photographer; however, he does have great fun playing with digital pictures.

Kids and Car Collage


We hope you'll find pictures enjoyable and inspiring. We invite you to download, manipulate, reproduce, and share any or all of the pictures. But before you do, please review our copyright information concerning the use of our Members Gallery.

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