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Denis Reggie

PhotoChat: Denis Reggie
May 15, 2001

Denis Reggie, proclaimed "the dean of wedding photojournalism," joined us for a Live Event that showcased his amazing photography in conjunction with Internet chat. View his unique and legendary style of truly natural photojournalism and learn from the insights offered. Read the questions asked to the person American Photo called; "America's premier wedding photographer."

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Kodak: Good evening. Tonight we are pleased to be able to bring Denis Reggie, proclaimed by Town & Country as "the great wedding photographer of our day," to you live via this state of the art chat application. Using his unique and legendary style of truly natural wedding photojournalism, Denis Reggie has documented some of the most important weddings of our time, including that of John Kennedy, Jr and Carolyn Bessette. So jump right in and ask your questions -- Welcome Denis!

Denis Reggie: Hi there, it's great to be online with Kodak.com tonight.

Duopenultimate: So, how many weddings do you attend each year?

Denis Reggie: I personally photograph about 52 a year. I have a small company based in Atlanta with three other photographers who work with me, and together we probably shoot about 75 assignments a year, virtually all of our business is wedding photography. Personally, I'm involved in about 52 of those assignments, and they take me throughout the country, and often beyond, for clients that look for our journalistic approach to photography, whether celebrity or not.

Tapestry: Where was the most exotic or spectacular wedding you've shot?

Denis Reggie: Gosh, that's a great question. I recall one I just did on a small island, one of the Fiji Islands, where the couple and their twelve closest friends assembled. It was a nineteen hour flight for me to get there, ending with a sea plane ride on to the beach of this tropical island. The ceremony, attended by thirty locals in costumed attire, was wonderfully picturesque, and lent itself to colorful images. I love weddings, big and small, and tend to operate with the same mission to be the historian, or witness, capturing the beauty and excitement for the couple and even future generations.

Bridetobe: Is there one time of the year that is busiest for wedding photographers? Is there a slow period?

Denis Reggie: It seems that October is a beautiful time in almost every climate in the U.S.A. And my calendar gets quite full during that month in particular, as well as others. The first quarter of the year January through March, typically means fewer wedding assignments, but it's a busy time for us, tending to inquiries from newly engaged couples - perhaps it was a holiday proposal, or even Valentine's Day proposal, and those keep us busy through March and April as the season begins.

Barbara: Have you shot any really unusual weddings? Like underwater, or skydiving?

Denis Reggie: I haven't done that yet. Though, the skydiving idea sounds pretty exciting. I spoke today with a couple planning their New Year's Eve wedding, with the celebrations planned to continue past midnight, but that's a far cry from jumping out of an airplane. I think most every wedding has its own individual brand of excitement, and I look for those magical moments and special moments that make each event unique. Sometimes simple details separate one wedding from others. My mission is to find those often subtle nuances.

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