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Theresa Grentz, Tamika Catchings, Georgia Schweitzer

PhotoChat: Women's Hoops
March 29, 2001

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Rayanne: What does the selection committee look for in a player when selecting them as a Kodak All-American?

Theresa Grentz: The selection committee looks at their stats for the season. They have all that info and data in front of them, and each player that's presented has a highlight film, so they can see the player on that film. That's really what they base it on; also how far they have taken their team throughout the season.

Serendie: What was your most memorable game?

Tamika Catchings: My most memorable game was 1/15/01 in Mississippi because I tore my ACL and that put me out for the season.

Georgia Schweitzer: My most memorable game was this season on senior night. It was my last home game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, it's one of the best places to play in the country.

Ariel: Theresa, are there any training camps for hopeful WNBA players to attend?

Theresa Grentz: I have my own basketball camp in summer for high school students and grade school students. You can always log on to our website. Throughout the summer there are camps all over for aspiring high school students who want to play in college. I don't know if this pertains to playing in the pros. I don't know of any training camps--the pros have a combine for those trying out, but not like a training camp for the WNBA.

Amanda: Tamika, how has your year been so far, and has your success been motivating?

Tamika Catchings: My year up until I had my injury was obviously going very well. For my senior year, I was pleased with how I was playing. After the injury, sitting on the sidelines isn't where I want to be. My team didn't make it as far as we wanted to, but for the most part, it's been all right.

Nightlight: How does it feel being selected as a Kodak All-American?

Georgia Schweitzer: It's a really great honor. The Kodak All-American team is such a great sponsor of women's basketball. I'm really thankful for the honor. It's really great.

Carilyn: Theresa, where do you think the Miller twins will end up in the WNBA?

Theresa Grentz: It's going to be interesting because I think it's probably the first time in their life that they'll be split up. I'm not sure of any WNBA team that will take them both. I think Kelly is probably going to be drafted higher than Coco. Kelly may go in the first round and Coco might go after that. It's going to be interesting for both of them if they get split like that. I think that's hard on twins. I've coached twins, and that can be difficult.

Box Set: The popularity of women's basketball has increased dramatically over the past several years. Do you feel that women coaches are treated equally, in terms of pay and respect, with their male counterparts?

Theresa Grentz: That's a difficult question. I think for your top coaches in the game, they're finally getting close. No way women and men are on equal pay. I think a lot more can be done in that area. There's still a gap there that needs to be rectified.

Sun Moon Stars: Has the WNBA hurt or helped women's basketball?

Tamika Catchings: I think the WNBA definitely has helped women's basketball. If you look where the game was before, the only thing women could do was go overseas. Now they can stay in the U.S. It's definitely helped, and hopefully we'll have more than one league like we started out with.

Georgia Schweitzer: I think the WNBA is also great for young girls to have big dreams, and I think WNBA is big dreams. It also provides great role models for young girls, and it is great for basketball.

Theresa Grentz: I agree with what both of these players have said. It's really promoted the game to the next level, and has really drawn a lot of fans of all ages. Again, it gives that opportunity for little girls to dream big dreams--that you can do anything you want to do.

Stan Fan: Tamika, do you do any other personal training besides your WNBA training to keep fit, and can you share that with us?

Tamika Catchings: What I do right now to keep fit (since I'm not playing) is go in the pool where I do running in the pool and swimming--any kind of exercise to strengthen my legs. I lift weights, upper and lower body, and get on the bike for cardiovascular. I do this every day.

Georgia Schweitzer: I lift weights about 3-4 times per week. I do a lot of sprint workouts. I'm not one for distance running. I do plyometrics for vertical jumping, like jumping on boxes and jumping with weights in my hands.

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