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Theresa Grentz, Tamika Catchings, Georgia Schweitzer

PhotoChat: Women's Hoops
March 29, 2001

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Theresa Grentz, Head Coach for University of Illinois coach and President of the Women's Basketball Coaches Assn. will join us for a Live Event during the NCAA Finals Week. Tamika Catchings, Univ. of Tennessee, Georgia Schweitzer, Duke University, and other 2001 Kodak All-Americans, will also be on hand during this special event live from St. Louis.

Kodak: Good evening. Tonight we are pleased to be able to bring Theresa Grentz, Head Coach for University of Illinois, and President of the Women's Basketball Coaches Association. She will be joined by two of the 2001 Kodak All-Americans, Tamika Catchings and Georgia Schweitzer. Renee Reed, Assistant Coach, and Kathleen Shank, former Assistant Coach, are on hand with us live via this state of the art chat application. Theresa's accomplishments are many. Highlights include a career record of 560-211, and being named the coach of the 1992 U.S. Olympic Women's' Basketball Team. Let's tip things off. Ask your questions and let's all welcome our guests.

Theresa Grentz: I want to thank everybody for joining us. We're happy to do this tonight, and we hope we can give you some interesting answers.

Marty3: Hello Theresa. Describe what it's like to be the Head Coach of the U. of Illinois Women's Basketball Team?

Theresa Grentz: It's a fantastic university and the program has been outstanding. This year I was challenged with a young group, a significantly younger age, and went through quite a few things. Overall it's incredible. It's a great conference and I love it at Illinois.

Amanda: Theresa, how long have you been involved with women's basketball and how much has the game changed in the past few years?

Theresa Grentz: 29 years. The game has changed a lot through the years. I think for one the athletes are stronger and quicker because of what's available to them now. They are more intense in the workouts. The game has changed because there are more athletes out there playing the game. It's been great for the women's game, and I think we've done a tremendous job from a strategy point of view with 3-point shots. But it really has come a long way, and I think it's really on the same par with the men's game as far as interest level and crowd attendance. It's really gotten there in a very short period of time.

Sydney Gal: Theresa, how intense is the Head Coach's role, and what is a typical day like for you?

Theresa Grentz: The head coach's role is as intense as you want it to be. I think one misconception is that it's all coaching and spending your time doing Xs and Os. People would be surprised to know that I do a lot of speaking--going out in the community to speak, or I'll go on campus and speak to students--so it's hard to say what a typical day is. I plan staffing and practices. It's a variety of things that all of us are involved in. It's hard to depict what a typical day is. I have meetings, and look after corporate sponsors and ticket sales. It's a lot.

Sigma Girl: Ms. Grentz, what do you look for in a recruit?

Theresa Grentz: Obviously you have to find the talented field such as Tamika Catchings and Georgia Schweitzer who are here today. We've been moving in the direction of finding more athletic players, but you can't overlook the intangibles like the work ethic, the competitive nature, the desire and the heart of the players. We look for that in addition to their skill level. We want players who want to win, and players who can play for me. I look for a certain type of player, and it has to be someone who is able to play under my coaching styles. I also look at their grades. I want good student athletes.

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