What is a KODAK Moment?
A KODAK Moment is a rare, one-time moment that is captured with
a photo, or should have been captured by a photo.

Get inspired by these digital collage samples from Jan Weiss to make the first Mixed Media Kodak Moment. Mixed media artwork is a mix of visual elements: photos, paint splashes, newspaper clips, old letters, printing, found objects…you name it. You can hand-design your piece or make a digital collage by using desktop publishing tools.

Submissions are due by Tuesday May 8th. Finalists will be posted onto our Kodak Gallery Pinterest page for voting between May 10 – May 14, and the winner will be featured in our May 27 Moment email.

You can submit as many collages as you'd like. Good luck!

Submit your KODAK Moment and story today!
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