Specialty Chemicals

Leadership in Contract Manufacturing and Custom Chemical Synthesis

Kodak provides a unique specialty chemicals operation for custom organic synthesis with toll manufacturing capabilities from pilot kilos to several hundreds of metric tons and a proprietary database of over 100,000 molecules.

Explore below to learn how Kodak Specialty Chemicals can meet your needs effectively and efficiently, and how you can visualize your products’ progress and quality through our unique On-site Analytics dashboard.


Explore Specialty Chemicals

Explore our extensive manufacturing capabilities. With a comprehensive range of equipment and analytical instrumentation proficiency, we offer a high degree of flexibility to our customers.
A unique feature of Kodak Specialty Chemicals’ world class Statistical Process System is a secure online portal granting customers the opportunity to access and monitor every step of the process, in real time, from their own computers.
From pilot scale-up of “new to the world” custom organic molecules to Contract Manufacturing of several metric tons, Kodak Specialty Chemicals (KSC) has a long and trusted history of providing scale to innovation.
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