Ultimate Taxi12345

 Jon with CamcorderDigital pictures get people involved instantly.

 The obvious answer was a Web site. Jon describes himself as "someone who had never logged on, or even used a computer." Even so, he quickly learned to be the Webmaster of his own site -- modestly titled The Ultimate Taxi. Now, as customers enter the cab, John immediately takes pictures of them (generally with the DC50, which he will soon replace with a KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE DC210 Zoom Camera.) He then uploads the images, via a cellular link, to his Web site.

It all happens so fast that current passengers get to admire themselves on The Taxi Cam page of the site, via Jon's laptop computer. (Naturally, all this happens while the cab is in motion.) Earlier pages, including many with celebrity customers, are archived indefinitely. Meanwhile, fans from around the world can follow the taxi's progress on the Web. Next.

Photo by Hinton Harrison