Ultimate Taxi12345

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It's a ride they'll never forget.
Jon adds that "Aspen is only a few blocks long. And there's not too much going on at night, particularly for families with kids. So people don't really hop in my cab to get somewhere. They want the whole interactive sound-and-light show, which takes about 30 minutes. Most of the time I'm driving pretty slow, or even stopped for the tricky stuff. But by the end I've taken them where they're going. While giving them a ride they'll never forget!"

In fact, most customers like the show so much that they want souvenirs. Jon started by taking instant photos. "That worked okay, except that the customers wound up with the pictures, and I had nothing to show." Then, about two years ago, he tried out a KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE DC50 Zoom Camera. "I realized that I could take pictures with my DC50, and make prints immediately -- right in the car! That way the customer had prints, and I had the picture files." But what could he do with them? Next.

Photos by Jon Barnes