European Research

European Research

The European Research Centre is responsible for identifying unique science and technology and discovering new opportunities that serve the needs of the diverse and increasingly digital European markets. The facility is located on the Cambridge Science Park.

The new facility benefits from strong links with Europe's leading university, and the location's status as a high tech cluster (technopole) with a large community of start-up companies.

Its mission is to focus on unique European science and technology skills through collaborative partnerships with universities. However, specifically located in Cambridge, putting us at the centre of a highly networked environment, will significantly increase our success rate.

The European Research Centre covers the core areas of Materials, Devices and Computational Science for Europe and the Middle East.


Material Science

Materials From inks to paper, or even semiconductors, materials are an essential component of any imaging system.

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Nano/Micro Scale Devices

Devices To capture, control and sense the physical world, special systems are needed, often combining thousands of individual devices into sophisticated                         arrays.

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Computational Science

Computational Once visual information has become digital, it can be analyzed, stored, sorted, retrieved and optimized using advanced algorithms and artificial                         intelligence.

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