Kodak European Research considers enquiries relating to:

  • Collaborative research projects
  • Key external alliance opportunities along the R&D continuum, including universities, companies and government laboratories

As technology continually evolves, we are always looking for new technologies and business proposals that may complement existing internal programs or provide new business opportunities to Eastman Kodak Company. For a list of our areas of interest see the Kodak External Alliances pages.

Even if you are not aware of it, you may have proprietary rights in your information, and should therefore consider protecting it (for example through a patent or copyright) before disclosing it to Kodak. This is especially important because disclosing your information to Kodak may affect your ability to obtain these rights. Please submit your information to us only after you have obtained the protection that you feel is satisfactory. If you mark it confidential, we will return it to you unread. Your (non-confidential) information is most welcome.

In submitting an email to the address below you acknowledge that you are making this submission voluntarily. You agree that no confidential relationship is established or implied by the Company's acceptance or evaluation of the submitted material, and that the Company shall have the right to retain any such material. The Company shall not be obligated to specify the reasons for any decision it makes regarding the idea or to reveal any past or present activities that relate to the idea. As used above, "the Company" means Eastman Kodak Company and any company affiliated with it.