Title: Learning and using domain-specific heuristics in ASP solvers

Author: Author: Balduccini M

Journal: AI COMMUNICATIONS, 2011, V24, N2, P147-164

Abstract: In spite of the improvements in the performance of many solvers for model-based languages, it is still possible for the search algorithm to focus on the wrong areas of the search space, preventing the solver from returning a solution in an acceptable amount of time. This prospect is a real concern e. g. in an industrial setting, where users typically expect consistent performance. To overcome this problem, we propose a framework that allows learning and using domain-specific heuristics in the solvers. The learning is done offline, on representative instances from the target domain, and the learned heuristics are then used for choice-point selection. In this paper we focus on Answer Set Programming (ASP) solvers. In our experiments, the introduction of domain-specific heuristics improved performance quite substantially on hard instances, and in particular made overall performance more consistent by reducing the number of cases in which the solver timed out. 2011 IOS Press.