Designed for Creating

Brownie. Instamatic. Super 8.

For over a century, Kodak has designed cameras that inspire people everywhere to create.

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Analog Renaissance

There are some moments that digital just can't deliver, because it doesn't have the incomparable depth and beauty of film. These moments inspired Kodak to design a new generation of film cameras.

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Creative Platform

It's more than a camera. Kodak is developing new platforms for creativity. Merging analogue magic with digital convenience.

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Design Process

We brought together the best mechanical fabricators on earth, and worked with the leading film directors in Hollywood to design a camera for the next generation of creators.

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Super 8 Design Process


Easier than Ever

Shooting Analogue has never been so easy. When you purchase film you will be buying the film, processing and digital transfer. The lab will send you your developed film back and email you a password to retrieve your digital scans from the cloud so you can edit and share in any way you choose.




Super 8 Film

Need Super 8mm for your next film? We've got you covered. Super 8 mm continues to provide filmmakers with a "look and feel" unattainable by any other medium. Take a look at our range of Super 8mm products and resources:


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Imagery used in this product page does not reflect actual imagery captured on a KODAK Super 8 Camera.