KODAK PIXPRO AZ422 Digital Camera

Passion and performance



  • 20 MP
  • 42X optical zoom
  • 24mm wide angle
  • 3-inch LCD
  • 720p HD video
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Li-ion battery

Passion and performance go hand in hand with the KODAK PIXPRO AZ422 Digital Camera from our Astro Zoom collection. A 42x ultra long zoom lens with optical image stabilization delivers crisp, clear 20 megapixel close-ups, panorama and HD videos. Auto scene, object tracking, post-editing features and a host of powerful yet user-friendly settings make photography easy, fun and zero hassle.

Available in red, white or black.


42x Optical Zoom

When you want to get close, but not too close, the scene grabbing 42x zoom of the AZ422 will get you in tight without putting you in a tight spot.


3-inch LCD

View your images ahead of time or while you shoot, with a big, bright 3-inch LCD screen. Frame your photos and videos just the way you like them and let the AZ422 do the rest.


24mm Wide Angle

For those times when there's much more to the story, rely on the AZ422’s gracious 24mm wide angle lens.

Don’t just snap part of the bigger picture, get the whole thing.


Panorama Capture

When a standard photo just isn't enough to capture the moment, the AZ422's handy Panorama Capture mode will help you get more of what matters most.


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