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    Kodak Launches PRINERGY Workflow 6

    Introducing PRINERGY 6

    So here it is...PRINERGY 6. It’s been a while in the making and here at Kodak, it feels like the biggest thing we’ve done since PRINERGY 1. There have been some major milestones along the way, including replacing third-party color management and trapping with our own technology, SPOTLESS color printing, our first digital print interface (back in 2004) and bi-directional communication with MIS systems. And more recently, Rules-Based Automation, embedding PREPS Software into PRINERGY for automated imposition, Packaging Layout Automation, COLORFLOW Software, plus tens of thousands of new features, enhancements and infrastructure changes we’ve made over the years.

    All of these thingsrequested by our customers, prioritized through a process of balancing urgency, opportunity and effort, and specified through detailed discussions with hundreds of clientshave delivered huge value and made PRINERGY users some of the most automated shops in the world.

    But PRINERGY 6 feels special. We did the most extensive Voice of Customer activities we've ever done. We had discussions that started not with the question “How can we make PRINERGY better?”, but “What does your business need in the future?”. What we clearly heard was the need to drive to even greater levels of efficiency, automation, and integration, and about the inevitable ubiquity of hybrid production environments and the need to embrace multiple printing technologies from offset to inkjet. We heard about maximizing the return of existing assets and the importance of high resilience and uptime with great technical support. We also heard about the need to simplify the production process and do more with fewer people.

    Mostly we heard about the importance of workflow and that while there were plenty of “good enough” solutions out there, the “good enough” printers were dying and it was only the “exceptional” that would survive.

    So we started designingfirst on paper, then in presentations, and then in lines of codeand at each point we checked back with our customers on direction. We created a new simpler interface, while carefully maintaining and extending the existing one, to reduce operator intervention while allowing a smooth transition. We extended automation into the planning process and we simplified and unified the management of CTP devices and digital presses.

    We think it’s exceptional and we hope you do to. And if you need it to do more, tell us, because together we will make it more exceptional.

    Prinergy 6

    So we’re ready. We had cake and now we’re working on version 6.1 Because PRINERGY 6 is just the start.

    Jon Bracken

    Jon Bracken

    General Manager
    KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions

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    Published: August 28, 2013
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