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Brilliant pictures and    
intelligent features 
  add up to one very smart


The KODAK DC290 Zoom Digital Camera answers the wishes of savvy digital photographers worldwide. Phenomenal resolution and breathtaking image quality let you communicate more powerfully. And smart features put you in complete control.

Stunning 8" x 10" Prints. Two-megapixel resolution (1792 x 1200) delivers enough detail for dazzling, photo-realistic 8" x 10" prints. Ultra resolution lets you make even larger prints! You won't run short on detail when your pictures have to make a big impact.

3X Optical Plus 2X Digital Zoom. Lens optically extends to 3X with no loss in quality, plus camera can "digitally" zoom an additional 2X for added flexibility.

Superior Intelligence And Control. DIGITA scripting means you control everything from adding text and sound, to storing and cataloging pictures, to color balance and contrast all right inside the camera. You'll be able to add new scripts and applications as they become available. Learn more about DIGITA at it's Website

More Features, More Flexibility. The only camera in its class to combine burst, audio and time lapse functionality. You get more picture-taking options.

USB Support For Faster Downloads. Less waiting and faster results, with full USB support that lets you download up to 10X faster than serial interfaces.

Upgrade Over The Internet. As new features and capabilities evolve, you'll be able to update the DC290 over the Internet. It's fast, easy and incredibly convenient.

Man holding DC290

Picture taken with Kodak DC290
Picture taken with Kodak DC290 Actual Picture taken with KODAK DC290
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