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outstanding pictures and performance are very, very good for business.

Attention: Firmware Update Available

Industry experts and publications have sung the KODAK DC265 Zoom Digital Camera's praises. You will, too, after you experience the DC265's speed, responsiveness and brilliant pictures.

Photo-Realistic 8" x 10" Prints. 1.6 megapixel resolution (1536 x 1024)-with enough detail for spectacularly sharp, colorful 8" x 10" prints.

3X Optical Plus 2X Digital Zoom. Lens optically extends to 3X with no loss in quality, plus camera can "digitally” zoom an additional 2X for added flexibility.

An Award-Winning Track Record. The DC265 has earned praise and awards from both PC Computing and Digital Focus, so you'll be confident that you are buying one of the best in the business.

Superior Intelligence And Control. DIGITA scripting means you control everything from adding text and sound, to storing and cataloging pictures, to color balance and contrast-all from within the camera. You'll be able to add new scripts and applications as they become available. Learn more about DIGITA at it's Website

USB Support For Faster Downloads. Less waiting and faster results, with full USB support that lets you download up to 10X faster than serial interfaces.

Man holding DC265

Picture taken with Kodak DC265
Picture taken with Kodak DC265 Actual Picture taken with Kodak DC265

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