Kodak London Film Laboratory


KODAK Film Lab: London

The KODAK Film Lab London offers comprehensive services for motion picture films:

  • 35mm and 16mm negative processing
  • 35mm printing
  • Spirit HD telecine transfers and 2k scanning
  • Cintel BMD scanning 2k & 4k
  • Full grading facilities
  • Fully equipped grading/screening theatre
  • Soundtrack processing
  • ARRI record-outs
  • Archive restoration

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Dedicated, experienced team

Our colorists have over 20 years combined experience working on major feature films, commercials, promos and archive projects so you can be assured of the very best service in grading and in giving a full technical report for your project.

Our senior management and feature contact team have a wealth of hands-on experience with a combined total of over 80 years working in film and grading at the highest level.



Our two Spirit telecine machines can scan your material to data at HD and 2K in real time using Pogle Platinum grading tools.

In addition to the log scans, we provide editorial HD files and full reports. After completing the scanning process, your film is stored safely for 6 months after principal photography.

After that, it can be held for long term storage at competitive rates.


Negative Processing

Our lab houses two Photomec Silver Sprinter processing machines that can handle over 100,000 feet every 10 hours. Using Kodak’s pre-mixed chemistry, we run day and night baths Monday through Friday and on weekends by agreement.


Projection Theatre

Our new projection theatre has two Kineton 35mm film projectors with Dolby Digital surround sound and a 22-foot throw. The film projectors are complemented with Dolby’s D.Q.I. system, which ensures we continuously reach the high standards set by Dolby Labs.

We have a 2K D.C.P. projector which runs off our dedicated services. We also have one of our Telecine machines connected to the D.C.P. with a full grading suite set up in the theatre.



We provide black & white processing for optical soundtrack negatives and ARRI record-out service for all 35mm deliverables requirements.



We offer a comprehensive 35mm printing service for print rushes.

We also provide a full print service including inter/positives, inter/negatives and prints.



Having technicians with substantial hands-on restoration experience (including at the British Film Institute) enables us to provide a full restoration service from all physical bench work, rewashing and ultrasonic cleaning through to digital restoration.



Sales and Booking:

Email: filmlablondon@kodak.com
Tel: 0208 993 9779

Delivery and Drop Off:

10 Kendal Court, Kendal Avenue
Park Royal, London, W3 0RU
Tel: 0208 993 9794

Main Office, Telecine, Theatre and Daytime Collections:

17 Alliance Court, Alliance Road
Acton, London, W3 0RB
Tel: 0208 993 9779