Coating & Testing Services

Kodak can take your materials from your laboratory bench to roll-to-roll manufacturing using an industrial coating facility at whatever scale meets your needs.

A range of coating and testing capabilities can be custom fit to create your products and evaluate how they will perform in the field.

Whether it's product development or small scale manufacturing, Kodak's experienced staff can help you select the coating and testing processes that best fit your materials.

About the Coating & Testing Team

Every member of our highly trained staff has many years of experience in the operation of the coating and testing equipment. Our people have spent the majority of their careers helping convert a wide range of materials into products that can be produced in a roll-to-roll manufacturing process. This collective experience enables us to creatively adapt our equipment to meet the unique needs of almost any customer. We have the flexibility to tailor our processes and tests to your needs, with the discipline to ensure that you will get consistent performance every time you use our services.

Standing behind us is the power of Kodak's science in the fields of coating, testing, and roll-to-roll manufacturing. We can leverage this capability whenever it is needed, and offer you access to a broader array of services that will enable a cost effective roll-to-roll manufacturing solution.